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film maker - movie producer - screenwriter

I'm here  to tell the stories that don't get told.

Refuge For Bucharest's Lost Children

Violence, drugs and prostitution characterize everyday life for many children in the 5th district, the most dangerous in Bucharest. There seems to be no decent future for them. Valeriu Nicolae, himself a Roma and from a poor background, does not accept that. He shows through his role model: change is possible.

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Mushroom hunting in Romania

It's a profitable business: Illegal truffle and mushroom hunters roam through Romania's forests in summer and harvest hundreds of kilos of the coveted delicacies every day. Middlemen bring them to Italy, where they are sold for a hundred times the wages paid to the mushroom pickers, mostly members of the Roma minority. Whole Roma villages now live from illegal hunting for truffles and mushrooms. The responsible authorities accept that the mushroom pickers poach in nature reserves and massively destroy the forests with their pickaxes.

Crime Scene Forest:
Timber theft in the Carpathian Mountains

Horea Petrehus and Gabriel Paun have been campaigning against deforestation in Romania for years. They want to wake people up and, above all, raise awareness of this natural resource. Because it also depends on us as consumers.

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